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LED Lighting

Why LED Lighting: Projects

The environmental case

There are numerous environmental benefits for businesses who upgrade their commercial or industrial buildings via an MawGreen Ltd installation. Including:
• Being part of a clear Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiatives and a carbon reduction strategy to supply chains and customers.
• A newly installed LED commercial/industrial lighting system provides a very "visual" demonstration of a sustainability/carbon reduction.
• New energy efficient LED light technologies require much less frequent lamp replacement. This makes it easier for a business to ensure compliance with ever tighter environmental regulations.

This is your Project Description. Write a short overview of the project including important features, details, and any other relevant information a client may find useful. Make sure the text is clear and easy to read. Tip from the pros: add an image of the project to give your clients a way of visualizing what you have worked on.

Foggy Forest

The operational case

The operational benefits for businesses

The operational benefits for businesses who upgrade their commercial or industrial buildings through an LED lighting installation include:

  • Improved staff productivity through more comfortable working environments when light levels in working areas are optimized.

  • The disruption of maintaining a commercial lighting system can be reduced significantly, new technologies can significantly increase the time between maintenance such as lamp changes.

  • New Commercial or industrial lighting can ensure that your companies premises comply with current health and safety legislation and best practice such as:

  • Ensuring that CIBSE lighting lux levels guidelines are met

  • Eliminating dim lighting in dangerous working areas

  • Addressing issues with hazards caused by lighting such as lowering glare experienced by forklift vehicle operators etc.

  • MawGreen Ltd offering a package of commercial lighting services can identify the risks associated with older, unsafe lighting wiring & circuits etc.



Dairy Farm LED Upgrades

Dairy farmers have known for a long time that giving cows more light increases milk yield. Studies have shown that exposing cows to 16 hours of light each day will cause the pineal gland to produce less melatonin, in turn leading to increased feed intake and milk production. The uplift can be up to 18% so it’s an increase well worth having.


Low Maintenance

Reduce Maintenance Costs

Low Maintenance
There’s no need to replace LEDs as often as traditional light sources meaning a massive reduction in maintenance and re-lamping requirements.

Light Bulbs
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