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MawGreen Ltd Blog - 8. LED Lighting Promotes Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate social responsibility is a corporation’s initiatives to take responsibility for the company’s effects of environmental and social well-being. To resolve corporate environmental issues, LED lighting reduces energy and carbon dioxide emissions and is environmentally friendly.

In relation to social responsibility, LED lighting improves employee health, safety, productivity, and ergonomics. One study found that 68% of all office workers were concerned about lighting, and Kensington Technology Group state that office workers consistently rated poor lighting as the first or second work environment concern. LED lighting can ease employee concerns about lighting as improves health, well-being, performance and comfort in the workplace.

It is clear that LED lighting will benefit your workplace and business in many ways. From saving energy, cutting costs, improving safety, and improving health, to enhancing productivity, optimising ergonomics, enabling worker control, and promoting corporate social responsibility, you need LED lighting in your workplace – it’s a win-win for employees and employers alike.

Get in contact with our team to see how we can improve the energy efficiency of your company.

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