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MawGreen Ltd Blog - 5. LED Lighting Enhances Productivity

Updated: Apr 10, 2019

With better health comes better productivity. Productivity is an important factor when choosing the right office lighting, and there is a direct correlation between light levels and performance in the workplace. Poor lighting and lack of brightness can reduce productivity and motivation. Bruskin Goldring Research found that workers believed that improved lighting in the workplace could improve mood, increase energy levels, and enhance productivity. Cornell University found that 24% of office workers claimed poor lighting as a cause of loss of work.

This study also found, however, that LED lighting can increase productivity by 3% – 5% throughout the day. LED lighting can regulate the body clock, boost mental performance, and make employees more alert and energetic. The EU’s Lighting for People project has proven that sufficient lighting in the workplace, such as LEDs, increases productivity, and the higher quality lighting, the better productivity.

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